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суббота, 8 апреля 2017 г.

My Fashion Month 1

"My fashion month" began from Paris Fashion Week FW17. 
It was my first season, first time in France, and I really want to say, that it was never-to-be-forgotten. Those impressions, those shows, those restaurants and parties. Something like this, can happen only there, in my lovely Paris. 
Today, I’ll tell about my first day and show my outfit, I’m gonna tell you a bit, why I chose these things. Also I’ll show some photos from fashion magazines, for which I really want to thank each photographer who likes my style.   
On day one, we visited Koché show and also we were on backstage of  Y/project. On the show, where we were sitting on the first row, I made a lot of beautiful photos on my film camera, you will see them below.  I want to thank MAC cosmetics for this. I got acquainted with different people, who work in the field of fashion and beauty, makeup artists, photographers, designers, models.
Y/Project fashion show left a huge impression in my mind, because every look was wonderful, it’s completely different from the fashion week in Russia. I know, that it’s not a question about place, it’s about talent, but Russian designers are still very far from this level. Thanks Y/Project for the invitation and for aesthetic pleasure.
My outfit was very simple: raincoat from natural chamois, vintage H&M, red roll-neck sweater, German flag scarf, black leather belt, and favorite Lamoda shoes. Who said, that you need to wear only those things, which costs like new Audi, to get into objective lens of the best photographers? 

Y/Project`s backstage / My film photos 

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