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среда, 16 августа 2017 г.

8 favorite outfits from Fashion Week in Copenhagen

Hello, dear! Today I would like to show you my favorite outfits from the fashion week in Copenhagen. The full report, I checked at the (by Tyler Joe) and from the 72 photos I chose only 8. This is my personal opinion, I'm not saying that other images are bad or not stylish, but these 8 pictures I liked the most.
And now, I will tell you why I chose these photos!

1. Pale pink suit, pink Cape with feathers on the girl, short black skirt, tattoos, rose-colored glasses. A "relaxed" style , these people look like they don't put in a lot of effort to make a fashionable outfits. But, of course, pink color allures me - favorite trend!

2. In this picture, I immediately drew attention to the trench. Insanely beautiful green color, I've been holding in my head the idea of such trench. I need to buy it!

3. Pink Pink Pink! And again! A very "tasty" picture. Pink car, suit, smile, bag (!), I like absolutely everything in this picture!

4. The fourth photo is probably favorite! So many colors, textures, different styles. I really like this combination of green shoes and a straw bag.
Girl, on the right side of the picture, stole a way into my heart with her combination of a long leopard dress, sneakers, and green suede bag. These ladies look wonderfully together! 

5. Models. I love this casual style: blue jeans, casual black boots or sneakers, leather jackets, and basic t-shirts. And the most important - flawless faces.

6. The sixth photo is dedicated to details and colors. Red, green, gold, black, patterns, strange textures. This image completely embodies the "style" word.
I would love to see more , but unfortunately, I couldn't find the other photos .

7. The seventh picture just represents my love of these sneakers from Balenciaga, not more.

8And the last image is a combination of blue, white and green. A short denim skirt + blue striped blazer harmonize perfectly with these fur slippers. I definitely like this outfit and I would love to try it for myself.

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